Album Review: Slime Season 3 by Young Thug

Written by on March 30, 2016

Last Thursday night Young Thug dropped Slime Season 3 giving the hip hop community yet another Thugger album. At 8 tracks, this is the shortest project that Thugger has given his fans, but luckily it is much easier to digest after the first few listens.

Thugger starts Slime Season 3 with an ambitious beat drop in “With Them.” This track was also formerly known as the song Young Thug played at Kanye’s Madison Square Garden show for “The Life of Pablo” when he was handed the aux from West himself. This song generated so much popularity after one listen it’s no wonder why Thugger jump starts his album with it.

The very next song “Memo” was produced by the infamous London On Da Track gives Thugger just the right amount of bass and high hats to create an intoxicating chorus. Despite the over-bearing auto-tune, “Memo” stands to be one of the stronger songs off Slime Season 3.

“Digits” is the one of the last songs that keeps the energy up from the beginning. It was also one of the songs released before the actual album release and, much like “Memo,” the repetition of the chorus,

“We ran up some digits, we ran up some money,”

works well with the beat, and Young Thug’s verses are super on point as well.

However, other than those three songs, the rest of the album seems to fall short in being distinct and worthy of staying in your music library.

“Drippin’” has a nice beat and a few stand out verses here and there, but it starts to blend into the same sort of background noise along with “Slime S**t,” the longest song on this album with three features piled into it. “Digits” is a nice break from the monotony, but other than that Slime Season 3 doesn’t exactly pick up from where it started.

“Worth It” is a song dedicated to Young Thug’s fiancé, Jerrika Karlae, and is technically a love song for his boo. It’s definitely not one of the most exciting songs on the track but hey, at least there’s a music video for it.

[youtube url=”” width=”460″ height=”340″]

“Tattoo” and “Problem” ends Thugger’s project on an okay note. They’re not bad, but they’re not very amazing either. The beats for these last two songs really hold my attention but at times it feels like Young Thug gets bit comfortable, not exactly straying outside the same formula for his verses and chorus. The beats are really nice, but I can’t help but feel a bit dissatisfied after such an amazing start to the album.

TL;DR: If you are a Young Thug fan you are more than likely going to appreciate this album and use it at your local parties and functions. However, only three or four songs are worth listening to more than once or twice. Listen at your own discretion. 🙂

Listen to: “With Them,” “Digits,” “Memo,” “Drippin”

Skip Over: Worth It, Slime Shit

Rating: 3.5/5

Young Thug is also coming to Warehouse live in Houston May 13th. If there is one thing to take from this review, it’s that Young Thug gives one hell of a live performance. Buy tickets here!

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