Local Artist Spotlight: 9thSage

Written by on March 24, 2016

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Photo taken from artist’s soundcloud

Say hello to Edward Skinner, better known as photographer and sound selector, 9thSage. Not only does he manage to capture pictures and turn them into visual poetry, but he also knows how to find the right music and take you to an alternate universe of musical paradise where you won’t ever want to leave. 

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Houston based, the 22-year-old knows how to blend vocals, melodies, rhythms, and beats so flawlessly you’ll be bobbing your head from start to finish. While most DJ’s sometime seem to overwhelm their listeners, throwing in either whatever is new or sounds good, it’s evident that 9thSage takes his time in picking the right sounds, making sure to include both new and old music while effortlessly blending jazz, R&B, rap and just enough Texas together to create a smooth soundtrack perfect for vibing to. My favorite is his AM Mix – Stay Cozy. Great for chill hangouts with some friends and especially car rides.

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Check out his Instagram for super cool pictures and his Soundcloud for dope mixes. Don’t forget to also follow him on Twitter.

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