Concert Review: I’m In Control Tour featuring AlunaGeorge and Mélat

Written by on May 29, 2016

AlunaGeorge made their Houston debut on a Thursday night at Warehouse Live’s Studio and despite the gloomy weather, they brought on a night overflowed with sensuality and glitzy pop numbers that surely kept the full house dancing until they couldn’t any longer.
_DSC0192-01Arriving at Warehouse 30 minutes before doors, there was a noticeable crowd that wrapped around the corner, which was surprising at first thought but remembering the commercial success of DJ Snake’s remix of their breakout hit, “You Know You Like It,” it was no surprise AlunaGeorge drew in quite a crowd.

Taking the stage first was Mélat (pronounced May-lot), a soft and sultry voice hailing from Austin, TX. As she floated into her set, it was easy to notice her influences ranging from swanky jazz to early Mariah Carey, Mélat carried the crowd into a slow groove that washed in and out of focus. With soulful and hypnotizing tunes like, “Dance Olivia,” Mélat showcased her commanding voice and transported us to a time where vocal flexibility was at the forefront of everything.
_DSC0148As the warm lights dimmed out, the crowd ascended into heavy conversation and with every refill of a drink, we grew more and more anxious. During this time it was interesting to notice the crowd for AlunaGeorge, which ranged from seasoned 30 year olds to young teens, all of whom were equally excited to see what Aluna would be taking the stage in and how she would command our attention during her hour long set. At around 10:05pm, Aluna strutted from a yellow lit door way, dressed in an all white HZLBZL outfit (probably the sickest fit ever but I digress). _DSC0154Aluna took the stage, thanking us for braving the weather and the crowd roared as she broke into the tune “Attracting flies,” from her debut album Body Music, filling the room with her sweet yet commanding voice. Aluna breathed an air of electricity into the mellowed out crowd. Moving from song to song with complete ease and confidence, Aluna turned the heat up with body shaking, “Automatic,” from the looks of the crowd it proved to be a bouncy number that was infectious and hard not to dance to. Building upon the already present and palpable sensual atmosphere, “Your Drums, Your Love” hypnotized everyone in sight. The crowd was entranced by her crooning vocals and sleek production and moved to every note.

_DSC0172One of the most memorable moments of the show was when she called out to the crowd asking, “Where are my ladies? And who’s in control tonight?” the crowd responded with a deafening shout back and by the looks of it, it was clear to see that this recent release would soon be a groovy crowd favorite. Towards the end of their set, Aluna played the enchanting, “Kaleidoscope Love,” a beautifully retro-futuristic tune that created the perfect atmosphere to grab someone close and dance the night away. Overall, AlunaGeorge gave a very sleek and sensual performance, never missing a beat and provided so much palpable energy that if we really wanted we all could dance until the break of dawn.

AlunaGeorge will be joining Sia this November for the Nostalgic for the Present Tour, so be sure to catch them next time they’re in town!

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By Kris Valladares

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