FPSF Artist Spotlight: Built to Spill

Written by on May 30, 2016

Built to Spill has discovered an incredible sound that is beyond just a hybrid of indie organic sounds and rock music. Their music makes you want to dance and move, but also sends a calm wave of noise over your entire being. Originating from Boise, Idaho during the late 90s to present-day, their sound follows the unique music styles much of the other bands originating from the northwest tend to produce. Lead singer, Doug Martsch, uses his voice as just  another instrument in the band while also communicating with the audience.


In their newest album, Untethered Moon released April 21, 2015, each song is an individual concoction of noise and music and I do mean this in the most admirable sense. Their song “On The Way” starts off almost as a folksy children’s song and as it progresses becomes a deeper and louder rock track. This interchangeable use of genre and sounds is what is setting them apart from all other indie rock classified bands. Each of their eight full-length studio albums contain an immense amount of emotion and full-bodied sound that can only be described as a wall of sound. Each album produced is unique, just as impressive as the last, and worth every bit of our attention.


Currently on tour, Built to Spill has many shows across Texas and will be playing at Free Press Summer Festival this year June 4-5! They’ll be live at 3:00-3:50 PM at the Saturn stage so be sure to stop by and check them out, trust me, they’re worth you’re time! Buy your tickets on the FPSF website and don’t miss the best festival of the summer in Houston, TX!

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By Emma Moore

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