Concert Review: Vince Staples’ Circa ’06 Tour

Written by on May 18, 2016

Unlike the lull of Houston traffic this past Tuesday night, Vince Staples and Rocky Black turned the intimate setting of The Studio at Warehouse Live upside down.


Rocky Banks started off the night with a burst of high, positive fortitude and confidence. After performing his first track he let out a ginormous, “Yes sir!” that let the audience know exactly what they were in for.

Banks wasted no time in exhilarating the crowd to sway and bounce to the rhythm of his music. He performed hits like “A Lot” and “Hi and Bye” from his most recent project, In Other News I Don’t Do Drugs Anymore.

Rocky commanded the stage well with his energetic presence which made an excellent segue to Vince’s set.

IMG_5017Despite seeming a bit sick while performing, Vince Staples powered through and showed Houston what it’s like in the “Norf” side of LA. Staples kick-started his set with “Jump off the Roof” hyping the crowd into a cluttered frenzy.

It wasn’t until Staples performed “Senorita” where things REALLY got crazy. Once the beat dropped, everyone started jumping on top of each other and a mosh pit had opened up in the middle. I was one of the lucky ones who managed to bounce their way to the very front on the right side without too many obstacles.

IMG_5050Vince performed a variety of songs spanning his EP Hell Can Wait such as “Fire,” “Screen Door,” and “Blue Suede” which faithful fans all across the venue followed along lyrically.

Staples also delivered in crowd participation. Making a few jokes here and there, and repeatedly talking to people in the audience, he was not afraid to let his personality shine on through while he took breaks between each track.

Many songs from his most recent debut album Summertime ’06 were also performed like “Lift Me Up,” “Birds & Bees,” “Dopeman,” “Streetpunks,” and “Hang N’ Bang.” However, the peak of his set must have been when the low siren at the beginning of “Norf Norf” kicked in.

The vibe within the room reached an all-time high and it was way too much for the front row to handle as the whole crowd pushed and shoved people over the edge of the stage. Vince did his best to handle the situation and addressed it later on Twitter.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the Circa ’06 Tour. If Rocky Black and Vince Staples ever come around to tour H-Town together again, I can assure you it won’t be an event you’ll want to miss.

Vince Staples: Twitter

Rocky Banks: Twitter


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