Concert Review: Wild Nothing at Mohawk Austin

Written by on May 17, 2016

Mohawk Austin may have been the only venue that could have held a Wild Nothing concert so perfectly. The show opened up with Charlie Hilton, lead singer of the band Blouse, setting the mood and energy of the crowd. She prepped the crowd with soft lighting and a voice that flowed so well with the music the audience couldn’t help but close their eyes and sway with the enchanting sounds of Charlie Hilton.


There came a short intermission after the opening, then the headliner of the evening, Wild Nothing, stormed the stage and immediately sprang to life. Just as flawless as their studio sets, their live performance captured every audience members attention, eyes, ears, and all.

They played songs from all three of their albums, starting off with a couple of songs off their newest album, Life of Pause. When older songs on their albums Nocturne or Gemini were performed, the crowd erupted into cheers and applause. Jack Tatum thanked the audience after every other song or so as well as let us know how much they loved being in Austin.


From their humble beginnings, Wild Nothing has grown in such a way they deserve every bit of the faithfulness they receive from their fans. Their interaction with the crowd during the live show was incredible to be a part of, because it felt as though we were watching them perform from an empty parents’ garage. The intimacy of the venue, although Mohawk has a multilevel setup, is incredible to be immersed in as it makes movement with the music flow throughout the entire audience. It is difficult to keep from swaying or closing your eyes and letting the sounds of dreamy indie rock music take over.

At the beginning of the show their was a bit of a hiccup as the band had some technical difficulties half way through the second song, but as young professionals they engaged the crowd and proceeded. With each and every song, the crowd packed in with phones ready in hand for a picture or twenty. There wasn’t a spot left unoccupied and not one person distracted from the band performing before them.


As they grow, I anticipate the venues will grow in size as well, but with the music they play I do not think the intimacy will dissipate. Wild Nothing seems to engage with the crowd and perform in such a way that it reaches every audience member. If you get the chance to catch them live, do not hesitate, they are worth every penny.

Let us know if you were at the show and your thoughts as well by leaving a comment below!

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By Emma Moore

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