Local Artist Spotlight: Civeta Dei

Written by on May 2, 2016

Supporting local is what builds any foundation. Whether it comes to business, the arts, or just life: we all start from the bottom with a dream.

Civeta Dei strikes especially close to home for me because this band is from my home. I grew up with the founders and have known, since we were kids, they were truly passionate about creating music.


Civeta Dei | Photo: Corina Carrizales

It brightens my heart to see that they haven’t given up and are making prodigious progression as a band.

From a garage band in a town whose average high school graduating class size is 55 to playing this Saturday night at Walter’s in downtown Houston: this is only the beginning. Now enough of my verbose, emotional ramblings. Civeta Dei is a band of many different sounds. Their Bandcamp page reads that they are a “folk rock indie punk band.” That’s a mouthful, but nonetheless accurate.

They have a unique sound that crosses boundaries and pushes the normal genre listing of what indie, punk and folk are known to be. Their EP Beautiful Thinking was released in late 2014 and and has my favorite song “Devils Paraphernalia” on it. The album cover is enough reason to check them out. I am a sucker for great cover artwork.

civeta dei

The live show this past Saturday was energetic and the ambiance given from the props alone was unconventional and worth seeing. It’s not everyday you see the guitar player ripping chords while wearing a cervine skeleton mask (photo of which can be found on the band’s Facebook); or a bright red backdrop with the band name spray painted in Japanese while two doll heads with glowing eyes overlook the crowd while spiked from atop.

Photo by: Corina Carrizales

Civeta Dei | Photo: Corina Carrizales

To make a long story short if you’re a Modest Mouse fan, I just found you your new favorite band.

Check them out on Bandcamp and be sure to follow Civeta Dei on Facebook to catch an upcoming show.

Here’s the link to “We’re All Going Somewhere.”



By Corina Carrizales

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