FPSF Artist Spotlight: Gogol Bordello

Written by on June 4, 2016

If you care to dance without judgement to music heavily incorporated and passionately played by accordions and violins, Gogol Bordello is a must see at FPSF.


Most of my music tastes come from a variety of sources. Friends, family, pop culture, blogs – you name it I’ve probably found new music through it.

However, movies have always been a consistent source of new music for me. For example, “Wristcutters: A Love Story” is an indie film that’s held a special place in my heart ever since because of its soundtrack, mostly notably for Gogol Bordello’s song, “Through The Roof ‘n’ Underground.”

Formed in 1999, Gogol Bordello is a “Gypsy punk band” representing the Lower East Side of Manhattan. They are well known not only for their rare and uncommon sound but their high energy theatricality while performing as well.


This may be influenced or influence Gogol Bordello’s heavy participation within films such as aforementioned Wristcutters: A Love Story, Kill Your Idols, Everything Is Illuminated, which lead singer Eugene Hutz starred in alongside Elijah Wood, and Fifth and Wisdom.


As if their filmography wasn’t impressive enough, their discography is even more expansive. With 9 albums, 1 EP, and 6 compilations, all of which compiling their unique combination of Gypsy punk and East-European music, Gogol Bordello will have no problem entertaining both fans and new listeners alike.

Give their most recent album, Pura Vida Conspiracy, a listen below!

One of my favorite albums of Gogol Bordello’s is below as well for those interested! “Start Wearing Purple” and “Illumination” are some key tracks I love and predict they will play live at FPSF.

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