ACL Spotlight: Domo Genesis

Written by on October 8, 2016


Any Odd Future fans out there? If you are you’re in luck if you plan on going to ACL this weekend.


Some of you may know Domo from his collaborations with Odd Future, but there is much more to him than people expect.


He started his solo efforts by releasing mixtapes through Odd Future. His first mixtape, Rolling Papers, was released in 2010 and was produced by Tyler the Creator, Syd the Kid, and Left Brain. It was a solid effort on Domo’s part and helped dip his toes into a solo career.


A year later, he released his second mixtape, Under the Influence, that received critical success. It also featured Wiz Khalifa and earned him his own strain of weed. He released a part two to the mixtape at the end 2014.


Most of Domo’s success is credited towards his collaborations. He’s been on several of Tyler the Creator’s tracks as well as several Odd Future tracks. He also worked with Left Brain and Hodgy Beats on their project Mellowhigh. My personal favorite collaboration was the album No Idols. He collaborated with the Alchemist, who is now Action Bronson’s DJ, and created the mixtape in 2012. It shows a more raw and gritty side to Domo and compliments the dark and experimental beats the Alchemist produces.


This past year, he has been focusing on himself and put out his solo album Genesis. He’s decided to step back a little and create music that is more upbeat and accessible to larger audiences. You can hear influences from Pharrell and Outkast. He collaborates with several big names including Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J, Mac Miller and Anderson Paak (who you can also see at ACL).



Whether you’re an Odd Future fan or not, his set is worth checking out. He will be playing at 1pm on Sunday at the Miller Light stage.

By Raj Radia

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