Local Artist Spotlight: Old World

Written by on October 27, 2016

14606926_349123088766384_8577561847782178816_nThere is something so warmly nostalgic about listening to this band that sounds like dipping your feet into the sun. Drenched in slacker rock fashion comes the “melty-jazz” indie rock band, Old World. I recently came upon this band at a secret house show. Both a current sound and a stellar band in my opinion, but still sounding and feeling so very 90’s. I listened to their two EPs a few times, and couldn’t help but think of bands like The Strokes, UMOKing KruleTaking Back Sunday and The Smiths. When I saw them, they looked like Nirvana, if they’d worn black rim glasses, which was weird because everyone else also looked 90’s as f***.


14334545_1822611817969466_7834295324595191808_nRemarkably prevalent and honest is what lets the souls of 2 instruments and a drum beat take hold of its audience. Lead guitarist and Vocalist Ian Rivera combined with Bassist Zach Gomez, and Drummer Gil Lozano make up the triplet troupe that is Old World.

Their most recent EP releases, Calming Times and The Bedroom EP can both be found online at oldworld1.bandcamp.com (live link),  I am delighted to see which direction these young lads will take their musical horizons, cheers for now…


By Franco Rosa

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