Concert Review: Troye Sivan and the Blue Neighbourhood Tour

Written by on October 27, 2016


Photos by Sarah Hoffman

Nothing beats seeing your favorite artist perform in your city. It’s even better when you’re not fighting for your life or glaring at the person shoving you from behind to get closer to the stage, which is what my usual concert experiences are like. Troye Sivan, also a YouTuber and actor (he played fetus Logan on X-Men Origins: Wolverine. I know, my mind was blown too), performed at Revention Music Center on Monday, creating a fun and great blue atmosphere.


Photo by Sarah Hoffman

Astrid S, an adorable 19-year-old Norwegian singer and songwriter, opened up with a couple of her songs from her new EP Astrid S. Wearing a sparkly colorful jacket and dancing around in purple light, she performed “Jump” and “Naked” which became my favorites and got the crowd pumped up before closing off with an acoustic version of “Paper Thin,” one of the first songs she ever wrote, which was simply beautiful.

The room went dark as the stage cleared up and got arranged before exploding in blue light. Static showed up on the screens while we heard Troye’s voice talking like in his album, Blue Neighbourhood. He came out performing “Wild,” making the crowd scream so loud; it was deafening. After performing “Bite” and “Cool,” he mentioned how he was happy to see all the gay couples out in the crowd and that he wrote the next song with his best friend Betty Who about coming out and accepting yourself for who you are before performing “Heaven.” After a couple of more songs including my absolute favorite, “Ease,” Troye made comments about how he was honored to be in Beyonce’s city, failing at doing a southern accent and that after eating Tex-Mex, his life was transformed. He also noticed a girl FaceTiming the concert to her friend and asked to borrow her phone, making the crowd go quiet so he could talk to her and wish that she was here with them.


Photo by Sarah Hoffman

He gave a short thanks to the crowd for helping him get where he was now before playing his very first song, “Happy Little Pill,” followed by another one of my favorites, “Fools,” which towards the end he completely changed up, adding a reggae beat instead and dancing, as he put, “his little gay butt off.” He announced how he was grateful for everyone coming out and that part of the ticket money would go to supporting the LGBQT community before performing his last two songs, “Blue” and “Youth,” asking the crowd to have fun and go absolutely wild. I’m extremely grateful I got to see Troye perform live and enjoyed seeing his lanky self dance across the stage, especially since I missed his last concert earlier this year.


Photo by Sarah Hoffman

Check out his album Blue Neighbourhood, and follow Troye on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Don’t forget to also check out Astrid S and download her album here. Also, follow Astrid on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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