Local Artist Spotlight: Metanoia

Written by on November 2, 2016


I have roamed this earth for about twenty-one years now. Each day is strange, yet beautiful in its own way. Going further, I have to remind myself every morning, that I am human and I make mistakes. It is only on some nights, when these mistakes involuntarily turn into gripping fears. I let it consume me, and take me into the dark corners of my mind. As these late-night thoughts and feelings take hold, I begin to hollow out. It recycles me into an ever-lasting cycle of bad habits.

You begin to feel like no one understands you. It can be overwhelming, but there’s always been one thing I can turn to, to find solace. One day, I came across a band that not only lifted my spirits but captured the heart and souls of everybody in the audience. Sometimes, all we really need is a hand, a hug, a warm embrace, a pat on the shoulder, or a reassuring word that every little thing really IS gonna be alright. This is a band that gets that, and pours their sweat, blood and tears into their music making.

The thing about a band like, Metanoia, is that even if they don’t really know you, they will try to understand where you’re coming from. They instill a sense of exuberance in their music that naturally intoxicates their listeners to forget their worries and emancipate themselves into the moment. Even if just for a couple of hours, the spiritual and musical journey that Metanoia takes you on is an indescribable experience. So very raw and emotional, this group is more than just a reggae-infused ska-punk band. They are freedom fighters, soul rebels, truth seekers and I love every thing about them.


Based in Houston, Texas, the group is comprised of lead vocalist and violinist Cristina Urquieta, guitarist Johnny Reyes, trombonists Nazaret Castillo and Aaron Houzvicka, trumpeter Sal Velasco, bassist Mauricio Fuentes and drummer Nick Diaz.

You can experience first hand the collective power of Metanoia, this Friday, Nov. 4th at the House of Blues Houston as they share the stage with Graceland Ninjaz. Tickets only $15. Doors open at 7 pm.

Check out their FB page @SoundsLikeMetanoia and give their music a listen below… my favorite track is “We Are One”.

  1. change in one’s way of life resulting from penitence or spiritual conversion.



 By Franco Rosa
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