Day for Night Artist Spotlight: The Jesus & Mary Chain

Written by on December 1, 2016

Who are The Jesus & Mary Chain? Well, back in 1977, brothers Jim & William Reid decided to form a band in the Scottish town of East Kilbride. Taking influence from several artists like Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, The Ramones, and Pink Floyd, the brothers officially formed the group in 1983. With Douglas Hart and Bobby Gillepsie now on board, the rag-tag rock group made a prominent splash in the UK’s pop culture and punk scenes. With the release of their album, Psychocandy (1985), word on the street got around that the band was coming up to be the next “new Sex Pistols”. Against the band’s liking, rumors continued to spread and compare the group with other bands such as “Joy Division”. Singer Jim Reid disclaims the comparison and explains further about the band’s position in a 1985 Belgian TV interview below:

The Jesus & Mary Chain’s repertoire is filled with distorted walls of sound, fazed textures of bass and guitar, and early 60’s pop melodies, albums such as Darklands, Automatic, Honey’s Dead and Stoned & Dethroned. The band that arguably gave rise to the “shoe-gaze” genre of the early 90’s, have been known to be quite active in recent years. After playing sold-out arenas and concert halls in places like Tokyo, New York City, and London, the group decided to make some appearances in the U.S., with sights on the city of Houston as a tour stop.

That’s right, you guessed it, The Jesus & Mary Chain will perform in Houston at the Day for Night festival, Dec. 17th, 2016. Produced by Free Press Houston and Work-Order, Day for Night is a music festival unlike any other. An experience which combines light with sound, music and visual art. So for the average concert-goer, be warned, this is no average concert, this is Day for Night. For more info on the band and festival, check out the links below:

The Jesus & Mary Chain

The Jesus & Mary Chain: Facebook

Day for Night


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