TOP 5 Films You Probably Missed This Year

Written by on December 1, 2016

Every year there’s a multitude of films that come out from Hollywood. Big or small, acclaimed or criticized, the films that are released have the potential to make a sizable impact on pop culture. But with such a large amount of films coming out, most audiences do not have the time to see all of them. Here are five films that you probably missed this year.

  1. “Midnight Special”

Released in March, “Midnight Special” is a science fiction film written and directed by Jeff Nichols that stars Michael Shannon, Joel Edgerton and Kristen Dunst. With a limited release and lack of promotion, this independent film went under the radar for most audiences. With unique visuals and a strong performance from its young lead, “Midnight Special” is worth checking out. The film essentially plays out like a strange homage to both “E.T.” and “Close Encounters.”

  1. “Queen of Katwe

Released in early September, “Queen of Katwe” is a biographical sports drama that starts David Oyelowo, Lupita Nyong’o and Madina Nalwanga. Based on a true story, the film failed to find an audience with public, and the film came and went in a relatively quiet month for film. “Queen of Katwe” is worth checking out for its strong performances from a stellar cast and Mira Nair’s direction that offers a realistic and captivating look at the slums of Uganda.

  1. Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping

Released in early June, “Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping” is a mockumentary comedy that satirizes the music industry. Starring Andy Samberg and The Lonely Island, the film failed to become a hit with audiences despite the fact that it received positive reviews. In a summer that was already saturated with blockbusters, sequels and animated films, the film was never destined for a huge profit. But with clever comedy, witty dialogue and a charming performance from Samberg, “Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping” is worth checking out.

  1. Hush

Released in early March on Netflix, “Hush” is an American horror thriller film produced by Blumhouse Productions. Skipping theaters and being released in the spring, this horror film failed to gather the huge attention it deserved. With a twist on the home invasion formula, “Hush” plays on audience expectations and delivers a compelling thriller that largely succeeds due to the performances from Kate Siegel and John Gallagher Jr. Think of the film as a delicious cross between “The Strangers” and John Carpenter’s “Halloween.”

  1. Hell or High Water

Released in select theaters this August, “Hell or High Water” failed to make a huge impact with general audiences and instead barley made back its budget. Yet the film was a critical success, with a multitude of critics calling the thriller one of the year’s best. The film is wonderfully paced and ridden with intense sequences. The film ultimately succeeds due to the powerhouse combination of Jeff Bridges, Chris Pine and Ben Foster. It’s a must-see western that is sure to make a sizable impact on viewers.


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