Whether the songs serve as a diegetic cue or relegated to a film’s background, music ties everything together. Soundtracks are always associated with the works of Hans Zimmer, Justin Hurwitz and John Williams. While their work is undeniably great, there are some really soundtracks that don’t get as much hype as they should. Here are […]

Every year there’s a multitude of films that come out from Hollywood. Big or small, acclaimed or criticized, the films that are released have the potential to make a sizable impact on pop culture. But with such a large amount of films coming out, most audiences do not have the time to see all of […]

In honor of Halloween coming up, it seems only fitting to rank the best films that the horror genre has to offer. While some of today’s horror films are just blatant cash grabs and remakes, the ones on this list induced fear in original and innovative ways. These are the top 5 horror films terrified audiences […]

Zach Galifianakis has had an explosive career since “The Hangover.” After the first film in the trilogy was released, Galifianakis started popping up in numerous movies. After taking a break from film and starring in a television series on FX, Galifianakis is back in a comedy film that has been delayed for over a year […]

While September is usually a lukewarm month for releases, however, this weekend offers a few new major films hitting theaters.

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