Day for Night Artist Spotlight: Priests

Written by on November 17, 2017

Living their lives as punk activists, Priests originate from a city rich with political activism and an exploding music scene. The D.C. four-piece that consists of vocalist Kate Alice Greer, drummer Daniele Daniele, bassist Taylor Mulitz, and guitarist GL Jaguar, all of whom have been hard at work since 2012, but it is not until recently that they released their debut album Nothing Feels Natural at the beginning of the year. With their newest release, the art-punk and post-punk influences are a clear sign of their musical brashness that breathes a new yet familiar life to punk. Priests are at the forefront of the D.C. punk scene (and some would even say the national punk scene) and they only have room to grow from their high position in punk rock rankings.

They are center stage at the nation’s capital in an era where activism, politics, and the common person are crashing into each other more frequently than ever before, and as a result, Priests continue to kick out jams that are intended to unite and move forward. That being said Priests have gone on record to say they are not a political band, but at the end of the day, Priests have come a long way to be one of punk rock’s most promising talents in a time of widespread political disarray, but punk rock was made for times like these.

Priests will be making noise at Day for Night 2017 which takes place between December 15th through the 17th, and you can get your tickets here!

Check out Priests’ website, Facebook, and Twitter to keep up with their happenings!


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