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This playlist is a compilation of my favorite songs from the Houston-based bands that keep the local music scene alive. All the bands on this list are currently active, and I’ve even had the privilege of seeing a lot of them live! While the bands on this list vary in genre, they are all united […]

There is always more to music than just sound, the stories behind the sounds and how others connect with them are what give it depth. Griffin Washburn is an electronic-indie musical nomad better known as Goth Babe. He creates wholesome tracks in unconventional ways like traveling the west coast for inspiration or having a studio […]

Living their lives as punk activists, Priests originate from a city rich with political activism and an exploding music scene. The D.C. four-piece that consists of vocalist Kate Alice Greer, drummer Daniele Daniele, bassist Taylor Mulitz, and guitarist GL Jaguar, all of whom have been hard at work since 2012, but it is not until […]

Crystal Castles, a Canadian electronic duo, has been taking their punk-rock inspired electronic sound throughout the nation over the past 2 years. They gained attention back in 2008 when they released their self-titled first album, Crystal Castles. From underground punk scenes to raves, their music gained a wide fan base, and it has only grown since […]

Heavy Meta is a guitar-riff filled, garage rock and roll, rootsy, eclectic album by Philadelphia-bred rock musician Ron Gallo. The former lead singer of Toy Soldiers released his new album via Nashville-label, New West records—his music embracing passion and unpretentious, old school homage. Although the rock and roll aesthetic of the 1960s and 1970s is […]

Houston, we have…the opposite of a problem! Local, successful music. Waterparks are an up and coming pop punk band from the Space City herself. After joining the scene in early 2012, Waterparks has been gaining traction rather quickly.

Since 2011, girl group L.A. Witch have been earning a name for themselves in the rock world. The trio—who hail from, well, Los Angeles—is comprised of Sade Sanchez, Irita Pai and Ellie English, providing vocals and guitar, bass and organ, and drums respectively. The group self-describes as “reverb-soaked punked-out rock,” and they are not wrong. […]

The Black Lips, a punk garage rock band formed in Georgia and going strong since 1999, will be performing in Austin Texas at FFFF. The Black Lips think of themselves as entertainers more than musicians. Cole Alexander, singer and guitarist for the Black Lips, will gladly get a crowd dirty for shock value. In the […]

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