Day for Night Artist Spotlight: Perfume Genius

Written by on December 12, 2017

Perfume Genius is the stage name of the talented singer/songwriter that is Mike Hadreas. Hailing from Washington state, Hadreas dropped out of high school his senior due to the constant abuse, on account of being homosexual, from the high school football team and lack of action from the school. He was assaulted by a group of men in his neighborhood two years later that left him hospitalized. Recovered, Hadreas left for Brooklyn for some change. Hadreas returned to his hometown to pursue his music and enter rehabilitation. In 2008, Perfume Genius was conceived through MySpace, and Hadreas has only gone up from there. With the release of his most recent album, No Shape, Hadreas has truly come into his own, and with high ratings from Pitchfork and other media outlets, Hadreas is riding a wave of pure artistry and popularity.

Perfume Genius’ music is often characterized by its piano medlies and unflinchingly profound lyrics that cover strong topics such homophobia and sexuality. While all this is true, Hadreas definitely demonstrates his glam rock stylings and his overall inspiration from artists such as PJ Harvey and Elvis. If one thing is for sure, Hadreas’ ability to create an intimate piece of work is truly his strongest aspect because each song brings the listener in close and tears at their heartstrings whether it be through the instruments or his lyrics.

Perfume Genius will be performing at Day for Night 2017. Buy tickets here! Check out the artist’s website, Twitter, and Facebook!

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