In November of 2018, theaters opened their doors to a record-breaking movie about one man, a band, and their journey to becoming a household name. That movie being Bohemian Rhapsody starring Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury of Queen. A year later in May 2019, Rocketman explored the life and impact of pop legend Elton John. […]

Weezy F Baby and the “F” is for… And the “F” is for – Fantastic, which describes how I’m feeling right now. And the “F” is for – Finally, as in, “Finally the wait is over.” And the “F” is for – Fabulous, which describes Wayne. And the “F” is for – Father, as in […]

Perfume Genius is the stage name of the talented singer/songwriter that is Mike Hadreas. Hailing from Washington state, Hadreas dropped out of high school his senior due to the constant abuse, on account of being homosexual, from the high school football team and lack of action from the school. He was assaulted by a group […]

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