Ringos Desert Pt. 1 by ZHU: Album Review

Written by on May 13, 2018


World-famous DJ, producer, and artist, ZHU, just dropped a hot new EP, the first part of his new project called RINGOS DESERT. The EP brings all the heat of the desert and some spooky-electronic dance vibes with a touch of R&B and trap inspiration and fusion as well. This project definitely shows some maturity and style development for ZHU, and is especially exciting with features from JOY., Karnaval Blues, Keznamdi and Daniel Wilson, adding variety and new voices to ZHU’s music. We also see more cross-genre sound, as ZHU effortlessly blends his classic electronic sound with some rock and R&B touches, which is especially notable on the tracks “Burn Babylon” and “Still Want U.” He perfectly balances some fire-y and hard tracks with more slow and mellow tracks as well, making this music project even more brilliant. The most unique track on the album has to be “Desert Woman” though, as this extended track with a drawn out intro really makes you feel the desert vibes, with a beat drop that is well worth the wait.

The nuance and artistry that ZHU shows with this release is incredible. He is able to create such unique songs, each different in their own way, but also sounding amazing together as a project. He also maintains his mysterious persona perfectly with this endeavor, being known for never showing his face or revealing his real identity, this mystical desert-themed project fits so perfectly with his character and brand as a whole. Another thing that makes this EP unique is the lyrical style, as ZHU opens up with deeper and more personal lyrics than ever, especially in the tracks “Save Me” and “Guilty Love.” Hearing these lyrics with ZHU’s beautiful, layered beats makes me want to dance in the desert all night.

Fall 2018 Dune Tour

With his fall 2018 DUNE tour, ZHU is touring for the new project with more dates to be released soon. His live performances are known for being exhilarating and mind-blowing as his visuals, insane bass, and unique instrumental touches with his saxophone player and guitarist make him well worth experiencing in person. His fans, decked in his trendy merch, always go hard at his shows, too, making the overall experience even more vibrant and exciting.

You can check out the new project below on Soundcloud, or click here to listen on Spotify. Be sure to also follow ZHU on Instagram and Twitter for more updates on new music, new merch, and more tour dates.


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