Evolution of Electronic Music in Houston As Seen In Skwiph’s Style

Written by on October 8, 2018

Follow the lights | Photo courtesy of Skwiph

Electronic music has been around for many years now. Most if not every generation has seen its influence one way or another. Since the 1920s, people have become more and more inclined to be a part of this new development. However, since time is cyclical, we might see a complete 180 in style. We will go from drum and bass to speed garage or techno to psychedelic trance. The genres flow in and out over a few years, and it becomes the artist’s responsibility to keep these genres alive and well. Houston is thankful to have countless musicians who adore a variety of these and do their part in the resurrection.

One passionate artist to check out is Skwiph. This guy knows the ins and outs of the house genre while looking more into break, funky, and disco beats. In his past, he spent a lot of time traveling across the states for many hard techno shows and festivals, then slowly transitioning into a more funky house scene. Listening to his music, you can hear how his past has impacted his style. Messing around with plenty of older hits, he can transform them into a modernized version, really introducing the newer generations to older music. One of his newer releases incorporates what I am talking about. “I want your love” by Chic (Skwiph bootleg) explains his sound to the fullest. We see the funk; we see the disco, we see how clean and contemporary it’s become.

Thankfully, we have musicians like him that still retain the older taste and try to influence newer generations into the style. In an interview with him, Skwiph said: “I really love working with sounds from older generations and let them influence my thought process and also the younger crowd to get them interested and acquainted with the older scene.” This kind of passion is what keeps the industry alive. Regardless of the genre, we need more people like him who want to share the love of music. The originality and consistency in taste resonate how passionate he is over his style.

Looking at his beginning, we can build more of an understanding of where he came from. His name derives itself from the favorite Metalocalypse character Skwigaar Skwigelf, which slowly evolved to Skwiphoric and then Skwiph. A name is something that people remember, it helps identify the musician and artist, and his name is one that people throughout Houston know. Regardless if he’s performing or not, you will run into him at local venues, usually supporting other musicians and their beats. He’s currently working on a project called “Grooveston,” which is looking to become a future label for DJs, producers, and sound engineers. This project is taking great effort in bringing more traction to the industry and help out the many producers we have here. So, not only does he produce, but he also helps out other musicians? What’s not to like about this guy?

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