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On a cool Autumn Saturday night, the various characters of the local Houston scene gathered for an evening of loud, brutal, hardcore- amongst other things. The first opener of the night was Nothing after Death, a shoegaze-esque rock band from right here in Houston. My friend, Eight, who accompanied me, commented, “They’ve never booked a […]

Bayou Fem Fest held its second annual ‘Clam Jam,’ benefitting Houston Area Women’s Center and showcasing female artists while fostering a community of creativity in Houston. The event held at Avant Garden had 12 original singer-songwriters, 3 stages, great food, and a variety of local woman-owned vendors. Truly an event where we could celebrate women […]

On June 27th, Houstonians came from all over the city to celebrate the legacy of Robert Earl Davis, Jr., AKA DJ Screw at Screwfest. People came to honor the artistry, creativity, and ingenuity that our beloved DJ Screw left behind. Although it may not be obvious to untrained ears, DJ Screw’s unique style has influenced […]

Mind Shrine is one of the bigger bands to come out of the Houston area. Consisting of Brian Gonzalez (guitar/bass), Bradley DeAnda (guitar/bass/vocals), Richie Alejandro (drums) and Jess Howard (lead vocals), the group has solidified themselves as one of the most original bands in the Houston local music scene. Their music takes influences from jazz, […]

I had the pleasure of meeting with local artist, B.R.U.C.E. W.A.I.N.E., who is an up-and-coming producer and DJ. Growing up in our very own H-town, he was influenced by and grew up with hip-hop, but also gained an interest in electronic sound. Blending the genres seamlessly, B.R.U.C.E. W.A.I.N.E. definitely is making music that is original, fresh, […]

Electronic music has been around for many years now. Most if not every generation has seen its influence one way or another. Since the 1920s, people have become more and more inclined to be a part of this new development. However, since time is cyclical, we might see a complete 180 in style. We will go from […]

Kamerra Franklin (born June 7, 1987) better known as Kam Franklin, is a Houston hometown hero of sorts. Franklin is widely known as the lead singer for the Houston Gulf Coast Soul Group, The Suffers. Franklin got her start backing up world renowned musicians, as well as dancing for them. Franklin is known for her “soulful mezzo-soprano vocals,” […]

Fat Tony hails from UH’s back yard. The Third Ward native and UH alumnus earned enormous buzz early in his career, winning hardware at three straight Houston Press Music Awards in 2008, ’09, and ’10. Fresh off the release of 2010’s RADARGAB, he worked with OG Ron C to put out the remixed SCREWDARGAB in […]

Coast Vega is a threat. When you listen to his music, you will wonder why you’ve never heard of this kid. A true nomad, the rapper has touched each coast. His music style derives from the inspiration of his experiences, The Dungeon Family and country music.

  Last time, The Aspiring Me gave us an exclusive listen his OK, Whatever album before it’s release. Now, the rapper is back at it again with the fire tracks!

You may remember earlier this month when I wrote a profile on a local up and coming hip-hop artist, Wes Blanco. Well shortly after that spotlight was published, I was asked if I would like the opportunity to interview the talented wordsmith. I jumped at the opportunity and found myself at the Lil Uzi and […]

Coline Creuzot stopped by and gave us an amazing interview! The interview aired last Thursday on The CHI CHI Show, but if you missed out, you’re in luck! Click the play button below and enjoy! Be sure to check out Coline’s latest video “Truth Is”! Listen to Coline’s music on Spotify! Keep up with Coline […]

Southwest Houston’s own Wes Blanco is one of the most talented voices coming out of Houston’s convoluted hip-hop community, what makes him shine is the fact he doesn’t fit in any template that his hometown has set for him, he’s not a Paul Wall or a Scarface or a Riff Raff (just trying to cover […]

Sometimes after waiting through two openers who were not on the bill you’re somewhat prejudiced towards the third opener, who was also not on the bill. This almost happened to me when Hydra Melody came on stage last Wednesday night, opening for Tilian at The White Swan Live. I rolled my eyes as their full […]

Houston punk act Giant Kitty just released the video for their song “Don’t Stop That Bus,” their ode to America’s favorite surfer-accented actor who knows kung-fu.  If you’ve never heard these ladies (+ gentleman), you’re in for a treat.  They were nominated for Best Punk Act by Houston Press in 2015, and 2016 is shaping […]

Do you like UGK? Curren$y? How about Jazz? Initially these three things look to be on complete different sides of the musical spectrum, but a listen through New Orleans born, Houston raised Le$’s numerous releases will make the three seem as though they’ve always been synonymous. This fusion of styles is what audiences should expect […]

Houston, we have…the opposite of a problem! Local, successful music. Waterparks are an up and coming pop punk band from the Space City herself. After joining the scene in early 2012, Waterparks has been gaining traction rather quickly.

When you think of the Houston rap scene, artists like Bun B, Paul Wall and Slim Thug come to mind. However, it’s 2015 and modern hip-hop has changed the game completely; this is where Roosh Williams comes in. The 26-year-old Houston native released a full-length CD when he was just in 9th grade and never looked back.

Exuding charisma and beauty, Selena Quintanilla was one of the most promising performers to have ever emerged out of the Tejano music scene. Characterized largely by the familiar sound of synthesizers, the genre reached its peak of popularity during the nineties with groups like La Mafia, La Sombra, Bobby Pulido and of course Selena who […]

It had been more than 10 years since I last set foot inside of Numbers and it had not changed. There is a bar in every direction you look, scaffolding and lights hang from the ceiling, unused and covered in neglect. The upstairs glass is cloudy, scratched, and graffitied. The one thing that did change, […]

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