Screwfest Slowed Down H-Town for One Night

Written by on July 4, 2019

On June 27th, Houstonians came from all over the city to celebrate the legacy of Robert
Earl Davis, Jr., AKA DJ Screw at Screwfest. People came to honor the artistry, creativity, and ingenuity that our
beloved DJ Screw left behind.

Although it may not be obvious to untrained ears, DJ Screw’s unique style has influenced not only local music, but chart-
topping songs as well. Since his passing in 2000, artists such as Drake, Lil Wayne, and
Houston’s very own Travis Scott have emulated his style.

Screwfest 2019 eclipsed with rap battles, live performances, dancing, and work by up and
coming artists. Vendors were also on hand selling customized Screwfest merch. Check out just a slice of the action below:

“It was great to see everyone come together and celebrate such a pivotal artist,” said Trinity,

Although DJ Screw is gone, he will never be forgotten. Until next year’s Screwfest, continue to live life fast,
but in slow motion.

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