Mind Shrine opens minds at Wonky Power

Written by on February 20, 2019

Brian Gonzalez | Photo by Julian Combong

Mind Shrine is one of the bigger bands to come out of the Houston area. Consisting of Brian Gonzalez (guitar/bass), Bradley DeAnda (guitar/bass/vocals), Richie Alejandro (drums) and Jess Howard (lead vocals), the group has solidified themselves as one of the most original bands in the Houston local music scene. Their music takes influences from jazz, pop, psych rock, bossa nova and everything in between to create a sound that is unique, fresh and sure to encapsulate the hearts of old and new listeners alike.  I caught them at Wonky Power Records, a Houston based record label that doubles as a venue for performers. The show was their first in almost four months, but that did not stop them from putting on a fantastic performance.

Jess Howard | Photo by Julian Combong

Mind Shrine only has two of their songs, “Goodbye” and “Sad TV,” available for streaming on the various listening platforms. While this may seem problematic to people who want to listen to more of their music, this makes their live shows much more enjoyable, as you left wondering what else they have to play.

For this show, the band opened up with the song “The Way,” a nice way to set the mood for the rest of their set. Halfway through, they played the aforementioned song “Goodbye,” arguably their most popular song and the one that everyone could sing along to. “Goodbye” was then followed by what the band considers to be their two strongest tracks – “Again” and “Foxy.” The new tracks were an interesting departure from their older material, as it featured vocals and

Richie Alejandro | Photo by Julian Combong

harmonies from all of the members, giving their sound a much more dynamic feel than previous songs.  The band finished their set off with “Sad TV” and the groovy piece they call “Times.”

Mind Shrine made a strong impact on those present. Old fans appreciated the growth they had made up to the present while new fans were yearning for more. To those who haven’t seen Mind Shrine live, I strongly recommend you do so when you have the chance. Their performances, for lack of a better term, will open your mind. Their next show will be at SXSW next month, with their album releasing sometime this Spring. Give them a listen below, and remember to always support your local artists!



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