Local Band Astragal Hits Us With A New Single “Bloomer”

Written by on October 10, 2018

If you are into discovering local bands like I am, take a second to check out my some fellow Houstonians, and my sweet friends, Astragal. The dreamy indie-punk trio consists of Sam Enkelmann on drums, David Sosa on bass, and Jimmy Bent as vocals. The boys have only been together for two years, but have managed to work fast and put out two EPs and a new single “Bloomer,” that hit us just a few weeks ago on September 22nd.

Check out here:New Single: “Bloomer”

As unlikely as it may seem, the guys first met through Craiglist and Soundcloud before later meeting at a few house shows. Their friendship started with some compliments of each others sweet band tees…and as they say “The rest was history!” Jimmy, Sam and David had all been involved in the music scene before forming their new project Astragal, but there is something special about this trio that was missing in all of their other endeavors.

“I had been in a couple of bands before and I wanted to start something completely different and unique. While I loved those projects and I still do, the music never felt personal. Astragal is the music I have always wanted to make and I have been happy ever since” says Jimmy.

In reference to their new single “Bloomer”, each guy had a different inspiration, method and thought process when it came to the new track.

  • As for bass, David says that it “was more driving and in the pocket (at first haha) so it could serve the song more to let Jimmy’s textures and intense swelling take the lead of filling all top end and being luscious…the slow sections at the end of the song I do a poor job of copying Jaco Pastorious but I think it sounds nice and trip hoppy as we’ve ever tried to be”.
  • When it came to Sam though it was a little different, “When I wrote my drum parts for Bloomer, I wanted it to be punchy. I wanted it to be as memorable as like, a Joy Division song or something, some nice floor Tom Pattern that would stick with people”.
  • Jimmy says that he was inspired by a few different things. “Lately, I have been reconnecting with bands I used to listen to in high school like Interpol, LCD Soundsystem, and New Order. I wanted to replicate those feelings I used to have for that kind of music into an Astragal song while blending my current influences into the mix as well”.

Whether it was influenced by the textures, feelings or artists themselves, “Bloomer” for sure exudes poppy, feel good melodies and sounds unique in comparison to their other singles. It definitely is a teaser for something more and I can’t be more excited to see what the band continues to put out. The band will be putting out a 7″ vinyl that will have “Bloomer” on one side and their previous EP “Split” on the other, so get ready to pull out your player and jam!

To get a little taste of their influences, here is a playlist exclusively made for you and I by the boys themselves:Bloomer influences

Come and check out the boys at their next show on the 28th at Satellite Bar. Show some love, buy some merch and represent my astrapals!

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