Mala Luna Spotlight: Lil Baby

Written by on October 26, 2018

Dominique Jones also known as Lil Baby, is a national recording artist. The stage name “Lil Baby” came from a nickname he got from being a younger kid hanging around grown men. Being around older people, ironically forced “Lil Baby” to grow up fast. The smash hit, “My Dawg” was an essential piece on Lil Baby’s 12 track mixtape Harder Than Hard that was released in 2017. In 2018, Harder Than Ever, Lil Baby’s first album dropped. Lil Baby’s fast growth can be seen in his lyrics and style in these albums.

Lil baby is a strong believer in speaking things into existence. He details visualizing becoming a millionaire before he actually became one. Lil baby grew up on the South West side of Atlanta. He was raised by a single mother. As a kid, Lil Baby’s favorite super hero was Static Shock. He attended the same high school as Hip Hop legends OutKast. Additionally, early inspirations for Lil Baby are Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy, Kevin Gates, and Young Thug. Initially though Lil Baby didn’t want to become an artist.  He would go to the studios solely to gamble with the other rappers, but eventually was pressured into making music. Coach K and Pee would tell Lil Baby to rap because they believed in him. Coach K wanted Lil Baby to rap because, “He the definition of a real Atlanta dude.” Consequently, Lil Baby was initially apart of the Migos entourage.

Lil Baby had difficulty transitioning from the streets to the industry because he already had money. After serving a two year drug sentence, Lil Baby decided to take rap seriously. Pee and Lil Baby claim to have spent $4000-$5000 a week on their lean habit. He picked up this expensive habit once he was no longer able to smoke Mary Jane. He has admitted that the habit has grown into an addiction, but it helps with creativity. He’s tried to quit on multiple occasions but the urge is very strong. One of Lil Baby’s biggest songs is a record with Drake called,“Yes Indeed.” The record came together simply by the two following each other on social media, then later exchanging the track. The song is a smash on radio stations across the country. Lil Baby is the definition of the American dream by turning nothing into something.

Want to see more from Lil Baby? Check him out at Mala Luna Oct. 27, 2018.

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