Mala Luna Spotlight: Tyler, The Creator

Written by on October 26, 2018

Tyler, The Creator is from Ladera Heights, California and founded his hip-hop collective, Odd Future, in 2007. He first gained notoriety when Odd Future released their first mixtape in 2008. While Tyler has always been provocative, his use of homophobic slurs and misogynistic messages marred his name in the beginning. As of late, Tyler, the Creator’s lyricism, while still packing a punch, seems to be much less offensive and intolerant. He addressed his use of homophobic slurs as a way to mitigate their power. Some people also speculated that Tyler actually came out on “Garden Shed.”

With a recently released, surprisingly good rendition of “You’re a Mean One” for The Grinch and an instrumental version Tyler’s third studio album Cherry Bomb, you can be sure Tyler, The Creator still has great things to come, despite being involved in a car accident Thursday morning. While Tyler, The Creator has been a top dog in the music world for quite a while, his Odd Future days, were definitely not his peak. From his debut mixtape, Bastardin 2009 to his most recent full work, Flower Boy, Tyler, The Creator has never wavered in his critically-acclaimed production skills and his provocative lyricism.

Tyler, The Creator has proven to be an incredibly imaginative and innovative artist. His projects always bring a new twist on who he is, proving him to truly be a creator. He is still delivering music with his distinctive laid-back yet soulful production and stimulating lyrics. Gone are the days of “horrorcore,” as his style has evolved over the years into something less harsh, a parallel with his evolution in lyricism.

Between a Grammy nomination for Flower Boy, a collaboration with A$AP Rocky, making the theme song for Bill Nye’s Netflix show, and a string of really great song releases, Tyler, The Creator is not slowing down anytime soon. It really seems like he is everywhere, and I’m not complaining. Tyler, The Creator’s ingenious and originality shows in all of his work, be it a TV show or a remix of the theme song we all memorized in elementary school.

In reality, Tyler, The Creator really is everywhere. You can see him this Saturday at Mala Luna in San Antonio, Posty Fest on Sunday in Dallas, or Camp Flog Gnaw, Tyler’s own music festival, at Dodger Stadium on November 10th.

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