Artist Spotlight: The Internet

Written by on November 9, 2018

The Internet, a band from Los Angeles, has taken over the R&B/soul genres and has resonated with younger, alternative music listeners. The band came together in 2011 when it was formed by former Odd Future members Syd and Matt Martians. The group wanted to make a more R&B, funk, and soul-inspired project; and under Odd Future Records, they released their first album, Purple Naked Ladies

Syd, the band’s lead singer/producer, faced particular attention because of her sexuality, which she didn’t publicly address until recently. Staying out of public attention and aiming to express herself through music, The Internet released two other albums shortly after their debut, Feel Good and Ego Death. Both of these albums gained them massive attention and great reviews as each of them began coming into their roles within the band. With their collaborative skills and what each talented member brings to the band. These albums clearly showed a refinement and fine-tuning of their sound. Ego Death was even nominated for a Grammy for Best Urban Contemporary Album. 

Taking a short hiatus after Ego Death, Syd and Matt Martians both worked on solo projects to find their own voices and refine their skills further. Syd released her solo debut album Fin early last year, gaining attention as an individual singer, producer, and DJ. Matt Martians’s solo album, Drum Cord Theory, focuses on his funk-inspired production and instrumental talent, which he gained recognition with his debut album. Working apart for a period seems to have proven beneficial to the band because they came back together stronger than before, and released their first single in over 3 years, “Roll (Burbank Funk),” teasing for a full album to come soon.

The album, Hive Mind, was released this past July and has been recognized across the board as Best New Music and as an up-and-coming R&B collective. Pitchfork calls Hive Mind a “peak example of [the band’s] combined powers.” Bringing us into a retro, 90’s inspired, vibrant, and funky vibe, the album really flows effortlessly and definitely brings forward the best each member has to offer. This collective is inspiring, diverse, fresh – they are blending the lines between genres and breaking all kinds of boundaries. Years in the making, the band’s momentum is only building with this brilliant new album and vision.

You check out the entire new album, Hive Mind, below on Soundcloud (or click here for Spotify).

The Internet is also kicking off their tour for Hive Mind with a stop coming to Houston this month! You won’t want to miss the opportunity to catch this incredible band’s live sound and energy on November 18th. Click here for more information about the show at House of Blues and buy tickets before they’re gone!


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