Tech N9ne Brings the House Down at House of Blues Houston

Written by on November 10, 2018

If you are ever in need of entertainment, get yourself to a Tech N9ne show because you will surely be satisfied. Between moshers, devil costumes, synchronous barking, and crazy fast verses, there is never a dull moment.

Tech N9ne performed at The House of Blues Houston alongside Krizz Kaliko, Dizzy Wright, and Futuristic on Wednesday, November 7th. The night was packed with astounding showmanship, musicality, and some incredibly talent-driven rapping.



Accompanied by DJ Kode Break, Futuristic started off the night as a strong opener, despite being widely unknown by the crowd. The 27-year-old brought energy and enthusiasm to a relatively calm crowd. While his tracks are not penetrated by the greatest musical understanding, he brought an energy to the stage that was infectious. “Epiphany,” “Anti-Social,” “Talk,” and “Too Easy” got the crowd going and excited for the rest of the show. He really showed that he deserved to open for Tech N9ne with some very impressive freestyles sprinkled between songs. Futuristic closed out his set with a relaxed, yet meaningful performance of “Change Somebody”, an anecdote about the purposeful lyricism of all the performers of the night, explaining their intent in perpetuating meaningful messages, and then proceeded to dunk on the crowd. 

Dizzy Wright and Futuristic | via @onlyfuturistic

Dizzy Wright

Dizzy Wright, backed by DJ Hoppa, was next to perform. The crowd was more familiar with his music and pretty warm from the Futuristic set. The 2013 XXL Freshman, originally signed to Hopsin’s Funk Volume, brought his own chill personality to the stage, further building the momentum of the night. It was clear that he has a remarkable sense of music and poetry. The simplistic yet composed set showed the ability of Dizzy Wright’s music to stand by itself. He flawlessly executed “Killem With Kindness,” “Independent Living,” and a sprightly “East Side” before performing “I Guess I’ll Smoke” with Futuristic. An electric performance of “Turn Up Season” really got the room going. Dizzy Wright finished up his incredible set with an intimate performance of “Maintain.” The only thing missing was Joey Bada$$‘s verse.

Tech N9ne & Krizz Kaliko

Tech N9ne may have turned 47 the day after the show, but you could never tell by the performance he gave. He performed for over an hour and a half and never wavered in the energy he brought to the set. Between choreographed movement about the stage, his iconic verses that fly out of his mouth at the speed of light, and his infectious passion for music, he masterfully captivated the audience from start to finish.

Known for his endless discography and active role in Hip-Hop for over three decades, the Kansas-City native has never lost his momentum. Album after album, he has put out meaningful, original music that is true to who he is.

Tech N9ne | Via @therealtechn9ne

He opened up with a dynamic performance of “Am I A Psycho,” and the momentum that was building in the crowd just exploded. He fully embodied the persona of his music in the way he performed and the crowd loved it. Tech N9ne brought out Krizz Kaliko for “Strange Music Box” and, unbelievably, the crowd got even crazier. Tech N9ne and Krizz Kaliko perfectly complemented each other, picking up verses when the other got tired. Song after song, Tech N9ne and Krizz Kaliko never stopped. Not one lyric was missed over the entire show. It is evident that they work best together, which is unique for rappers.

Krizz Kaliko performed “Unstable” and “Schizophrenia”  by himself, proving his value as an individual artist. He didn’t need Tech N9ne to hold the audience’s attention and people at the show already knew every word to both songs. His vocal ability in addition to his talent as a rapper distinguishes him from Tech N9ne. Tech N9ne came back out for his verse on “Spaz,” and the two stayed together on stage for a majority of the remainder of the concert.

The concert continued with a mesmerizing aura. It is honestly astounding to think about the number of songs Tech and Krizz performed. “E.B.A.H.,” “Dysfunctional,” “Caribou Lou,” and “Worldwide Choppers” are just some of the songs that were performed before Tech N9ne took his first and only on stage break. He took that time to speak on his reverence for his fans and their extended dedication to his music and reflect on his approaching birthday. Tech N9ne and Krizz Kaliko closed out the show with charged performances of “Erbody But Me,” “Girls Like That,” and “Hood Go Crazy.”

This was easily one of the best concerts I have ever been to. While it was like nothing I had ever seen, the sheer passion and showmanship each of the artists brought to the stage was phenomenal. Each of them, in their own right, put on an amazing showcase of their talents, performed to their absolute limit, displayed their true dedication to their craft and showed their fans a good time.


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