Pop Queens of Our Childhood: Where Are They Now?

Written by on November 15, 2018

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is known for her takeover of the airways from 2008 with pop hits like “Just Dance,” “Pokerface,” and “Telephone,” some of the biggest hits of our childhoods/early teen years. Ever wonder what she’s up to these days?

Not only did Gaga make incredible pop hits that topped the airways for months (you have to admit the tune of “Pokerface” would get in stuck in your head often), but she also gained attention for her outrageous and provocative outfits, performances, and music videos. From wearing a dress made of meat to the VMA’s, to being carried into the Grammy’s in a vessel, and even dressing up as her male alter ego, Gaga has done it all. Showing true creative, theatrical, and musical brilliance, Gaga easily made her way to the top and developed a massive global fanbase; a global fanbase she got to meet during her two massive world tours from 2010-2014. By getting politically involved and using her platform to advocate for causes she believes in, (such as LGBTQ rights), Gaga also gained the spotlight as an activist and philanthropist. To list a couple accomplishments which earned her the spotlight, Gaga has started her own anti-bullying and mental health awareness organization as well as used her platform as an icon to help push the Obama Administration towards legalizing same-sex marriage.

Sadly, during her “Born This Way” world tour, Gaga began developing hip and muscle injuries, preventing her from performing, and resulting in the cancellation of the last few shows of the tour. The injuries, leading to her hospitalization and diagnosis of many larger health issues, which she’s recently opened up about, definitely seemed to slow her whirlwind of fame. Since then, her momentum seemed to die down, as she began to perform less and stay out of the public eye for a period, dealing with her health issues and deaths of loved ones. Finally, in 2016 Gaga released the album that shifted her style as an artist and marked a turning point in her career – Joanne. Deviating from her spunky, provocative, pop-sound to a more matured, country-inspired sound, she dedicates the album to her aunt who died when she was a child. This sent her onto a more long-lasting, mature, and refined sound and image, and she simultaneously began pursuing her acting career more seriously during this time. Seen on the last few seasons of American Horror Story, and most recently, in her debut lead film role in Bradley Cooper’s, A Star is Born, Gaga seems to be effortlessly shifting into an acting career. What can’t she do? With this immersion into TV and film, her role definitely seems to be shifting and maturing with her age, but she never fails to stun with her incredible talent, be it from belting emotional notes on her recent music or playing powerful roles on the big screens. After filming the role for A Star Is Born (which is already predicted to win Oscars), Gaga has recently been seen spending time in studios in LA and NYC, as well as in her Malibu home. She was recently photographed for Vogue Magazine, further discussing her growth and changes as an artist. Gaga has additionally made her mark as a fashion icon, and you can click here for a photo gallery of her recent looks.

Lady Gaga at A Star is Born Premiere (Source: Getty Images)

Perhaps you remember Lady Gaga as the crazy, pop-star of your pre-teen years, or maybe her music resonated more deeply with you. Either way, you have to admit the artist’s versatility and lasting-stardom is quite remarkable. With an expansive and diverse discography, interesting collection of music videos, provocative high fashion, and outrageous live performances, Gaga can easily be deemed the pop-icon of our early teenage years (and perhaps of our generation). Although the peak of her fame me be in the past, this pop icon has worked her way into history and continues to reinvent herself in creative ways. 

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