JPEGMAFIA’s Newest Single: “Puff Daddy”

Written by on November 15, 2018

Kenny Beats, also known as LoudPvck, is an up and coming electronic DJ that’s been making a name for himself (most notably on Vince Staple’s newest project FM!). This time however, he decided to collaborate with noise rapper JPEGMAFIA to produce a single that couldn’t have left me happier. JPEG doesn’t hold back one bit; multiple one-liners, threats, and a ton of adlibs.

Hit that nigga Eastern Time

He died in Central Standard

Puff Daddy” is introduced with JPEG’s signature line, “You think you know me,” followed by a disgusting drop. Kenny Beats creates an aggressive but vibrant loop that JPEG flows so comfortably on. The track barely marks at 2:00 minutes, but the duo aren’t called dense for no reason! (No one calls them that, I just made that up) 

Take a listen!



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