The Space Mom Return: Rezz Takeover

Written by on November 15, 2018

Born in Ukraine and raised in Canada, Isabelle Rezazadeh is one of the few female DJs creating new sounds and paving different paths for female producers in the industry. As a golden gem in the EDM community, Rezz ignored labeling her sound and focused strictly on making music for expression and the experimentation of being an artist. Starting out at age 16, she released music on Soundcloud where her inimitable sound ended up reaching the ears of the EDM label OWSLA. The label premiered her first EP, Insurrection, on their platform Nest HQ.

She found inspiration in wanting to become a producer by watching deadmau5’s live performances, and the way he crafted his music. In 2016, she signed to his label, mau5trap. Releasing her next two EP’s and her debut album, Mass Manipulation, which delivers a more experimental and surprising version of her sophomore album Certain Kind of Magic. The album dropped late August, and it featured multiple layers of hypnotic sound that die-hard fans were all hoping for. With a 15,000 member fan page called The Cult of Rezz, you would think she would feel some pressure to deliver. Without having to prove much, Rezz does just that in the most natural sense. Rezz has been involved in the EDM scene as a fan and now as a producer, so if you can count on anyone to get the energy pumping, it’s her. Get your tickets and watch her tear the house down on November 21 at Revention Music Center.


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