The Internet and Moonchild at House of Blues Houston

Written by on November 22, 2018

After spending the previous day at the Astroworld Festival, I was more than ready for a relaxed night of great music. And, that is exactly what I got at The Internet’s concert at House of Blues Houston on Sunday, Nov. 18th.

The Internet is currently on their Hive Mind Tour with soul trio Moonchild. The tour follows an incredibly successful release of their album Hive Mind

By Parnia Razi


Moonchild is a trio consisting of Amber Navran, Max Bryk and Andris Mattson. While they have been releasing astounding music since 2012, they aren’t the most popular group. Moonchild released a highly praised album in 2017 called Voyager with a relatively popular single called “Cure” that garnered them some attention. Their music is packed with soul and an original approach to modernist jazz.

While I was unable to see the set from start to finish due to an extensive line to get into the concert hall, what I did see of their set was spectacular. All three of them have an incredible sense of musicality and a diverse set of talents. Switching instruments for nearly every song, Moonchild never interrupted their flow with smooth vocals and head-bobbing rhythms. If you haven’t heard of Moonchild and you like relaxed, soulful vibes that exude musical talent, you should definitely check out Moonchild. They were a great opener for The Internet and their chill vibe definitely primed the crowd for what was to come.

The Internet

Not needing too much of an introduction, The Internet is a funky, neo-soul band with some pretty cool hip-hop roots. It is comprised of Syd, Matt Martians, Patrick Paige II, Christopher Smith, and Steve Lacy. Their beginnings stemmed from some Odd Future shenanigans, but it is clear that they have made a name for themselves aside from Odd Future. After receiving a Grammy nomination for their album Ego Death, the band shot to the forefront of their league, attracting a diverse audience of jazz aficionados and hip-hop lovers alike.


By Parnia Razi


They opened up their set with “Come Together,” a snappy, bass-heavy track with a catchy melody. The song, one of my favorites off of Hive Mind, was the perfect way to start off the set. They followed it up with an electric performance of “Roll (Burbank Funk)” that was released as a single after an extended hiatus between Ego Death and Hive Mind. The beginning of the set was precedent for the whole night, as it was saturated with a remarkable sense of musicality and talent. They performed their most popular songs off Ego Death including “Gabby,” “Special Affair,” and “Girl” in between soulful performances of nearly every song off Hive Mind. “La Di Da” was one of my favorites of the night, bringing energetic solos, strong vocals, and an infectious dose of funk. The concert was dotted with cool tidbits including a freestyle from Matt Martians and nearly unbelievable bass solos from Patrick Paige II. The Internet closed out their set with a glorious performance of “Palace/Curse” that showcased both Syd and Steve Lacy’s vocal ability as well as the rest of the band’s ability to groove.

By Parnia Razi

Between Syd’s cotton candy vocals, Matt Martians’ genius approach to the keyboard, Steve Lacy’s brilliant musical imagination, and everything in between, the concert was truly a treat. The Internet works incredibly as a collective and produces music that will never get old or lose its value.


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