Lights All Night Artist Spotlight: Sofi Tukker

Written by on December 15, 2018

Sofi Tukker is a dynamic and fierce duo from New York, composed of Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern. They create what they call 90’s house inspired jungle pop. The duo met in Rhode Island during their college days at Brown University, and since then have been creating hit after hit, gaining a global fanbase and even snagging a few grammy nominations. Their unifying of electronic production and pop-inspired sound and their song “Best Friend” was even featured in Apple’s iPhone X commercial  has gained them fans from both genres.

Their first hit song, “Drinkee” was influenced by a Brazilian poem and sung in Portuguese,  which adds to its international appeal and allows them to access fans across the globe. Since then, and due to the warm response they’ve received from Brazilian fans, the band has spent time in Brazil learning the language and collaborating with poets to create more Brazil-inspired sound – like “Energia” from their latest album. Their song “Best Friend” features Japanese vocalist Alisa Ueno, and bringing together these international influences and voices they add to their truly globally appealing sound while staying true to their roots in creating fun, happy music.

However, their latest album (their first full-length debut) Treehouse definitely shows some growth and maturity for the duo. The album goes in hard from start to finish. Blending sounds seamlessly and feeling like a sip of fresh air, or a colorful beach party, you’ll be transported from reality into a more colorful world. The album maintains their funky island dance sound they’re known and loved for, but also has a few more mid-tempo tracks like “Dare” and “Benadryl” with clever lyrics and a deeper message of growth and unity.

Sofi Tukker is bringing the tropical vibes to Lights All Night Music festival at Dallas Market Hall the last weekend of year. Come escape the cold and be teleported to a tropical dance party under tons of lasers! Playing on Friday, December 28th from 10-11pm at the Supernova Stage, you can click here to snag tickets to the festival before they’re gone!

Joining the diverse and vibrant lineup for Lights All Night this year, and with new art installations and features, you won’t want to miss the best new years party in Texas.

Check out the Lights All Night playlist below for a mix of tracks from my favorite artists on the lineup!


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