Turnstile, Angel Du$t and Vein: Passion in Photo

Written by on December 5, 2018

The scene, made up of a fervent crowd and artist dyad, was met with nothing but rage yet love on Thursday, November the 29th. The artists took the stage at Satellite Bar, the perfect place for some hardcore bands to showcase what they got in a rather intimate environment. The night began with Vein, followed by Angel Du$t and ending with Turnstile.

Vein’s performance was full of passion and zeal; their set, if given the chance, is definitely one you will not want to miss. After Vein’s set, the Trapped Under Ice’s members, Justice Tripp and Brendan Yates, lead Angel Du$t and Turnstile into the night.

Angel Du$t displayed their near pop-punk yet hardcore style while the crowd grew larger and livelier. Then was Turnstile. Turnstile’s performance, as well as their intimate interactions with the crowd, showcased a vehement demeanor and warmth towards their fans which overshadowed their rage-filled antics and audio disruptions. 

These hardcore bands showed up and overflowed with fierce power. Luckily, making it until the end of the night with only a few bruises and avoiding destruction, I managed to capture some shots of the bands’ performances.  

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