Author: Amy Serratos

HOMECOMING documents Beyoncé’s iconic and historical Coachella performance and demonstrates the blood, sweat, and tears put into generating a visually and auditory breathtaking production. The documentary written, created, and produced by Beyoncé herself is not simply about her performance, but a commemoration of the eight months of challenging work it took for her, as well […]

For when you want to feel human or when you want to feel understood, Glass Animals How To be a Human Being’s collection of stories turned into sound continues to carry a strong power that can heal even two years after its release. The album is part of a cohesive project greater than itself. How to be […]

Recently, I’ve felt nostalgia towards the songs that frequently played when I was a kid; those same songs which connect me, my childhood, and family—more specifically, the songs that remind me of the most festive times growing up. Being that the whole holiday season happened a few weeks ago, I was able to spend time […]

Juan Gabriel is not dead, he’s just hiding in the Bahamas. Juan Gabriel is… Back? Declarations regarding one of Mexico’s greatest being back from the dead, allegedly, became public knowledge a few weeks ago. If you don’t keep up with Latin news or current events in general, then you may have missed the news that […]

The scene, made up of a fervent crowd and artist dyad, was met with nothing but rage yet love on Thursday, November the 29th. The artists took the stage at Satellite Bar, the perfect place for some hardcore bands to showcase what they got in a rather intimate environment. The night began with Vein, followed […]

The one-man band that is Author and Punisher interestingly produces industrial-metal sounds with the use of custom-made mechanisms that create unique and aggressive compilations of noise by ingeniously unifying literal metal and music.

Interpol | Photo by Amy Serratos Skies stayed clear after a day of rain on the night of Saturday, Sept. 29th as Interpol and Sunflower Bean shined at White Oak Music Hall, giving concert attendees a show to remember. No patch of White Oak’s fake grass was visible at the Interpol show. Doors opened and […]

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