#TBT: The Spanish Songs You Thought You Forgot but Actually Miss

Written by on January 17, 2019

Recently, I’ve felt nostalgia towards the songs that frequently played when I was a kid; those same songs which connect me, my childhood, and family—more specifically, the songs that remind me of the most festive times growing up.

Being that the whole holiday season happened a few weeks ago, I was able to spend time with extended family and friends, and of course, someone had to be in charge of playing music that everyone enjoyed. But whoever was in charge of aux, besides me, outdid themselves when they exclusively played Spanish oldies and consequently managed to awaken a strong sense of nostalgia in me.

Once these songs began playing, my brain instantly became flooded with song titles that carry with them a strong dewy and sentimental effect. It isn’t that these songs, such as Elvis Crespo’s “Suavemente” or “El Carnavalito” have some type of emotional tone to them, but rather they affect the perfect uplifting and rhythmic atmosphere still decades after their release. I was taken back to the countless times the song played at different bodas and quinceañeras, and trust, there were many events and receptions I was forced to attend as a kid.

Thinking back and forming a recollection of memories involving these songs left me thinking about how the songs continue to root themselves in some of the warmest remembrances which I, and similarly, many other people have experienced. Right when songs such as Los Angeles Azules “Como te Voy a Olvidar” played, I became nostalgic and tried to recall other songs that were heavily enjoyed at family events. One song led to another and I continued to discover old throwbacks from all kinds of genres in Spanish and even more events in my life. It simply must be said that every song that came to mind has managed to withstand time and still evoke a collection of positive and warm feelings.

These throwback songs date back to the ‘90s. However to this day, they excite nostalgia and provide me a link to the past. I find it important to identify some of the most iconic songs that have helped me and many others keep, even discover, a connection to their childhood. This is for my people, who as kids were dragged to all the family functions just to fall asleep under a table while the music blasted all around, or the people whose parents played music at the loudest possible volume when they drove around or on weekend mornings while everyone cleaned.

To remembering, porque el recordar es vivir! 

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