RIMON’s video for “dust” shows that hell really hath no fury like a girl that just got cheated on

Written by on January 17, 2019

William Congreve was right when he wrote:

“Heaven has no rage, like love to hatred turned.
Nor hell a fury, like a woman scorned.”

A song about sweet love gone bad, the Amsterdam based singer, RIMON teams up with Yavez Anthonio to deliver stunning visuals – playing the femme fatale as she sings about heartbreak, betrayal and cold blooded revenge.


From Dutch refugee camps to performing concerts in Paris and London, the 20 year-old, Eritrean born star is an upcoming artist that doesn’t want to stick to just one specific genre. Instead, she chooses to share her personal diary through her lyrics in any form that suits her best. Her debut EP BBYGIRL FOCU$ came out on November and yesterday, she dropped the music video for her second hit – and my favorite track – “dust”.

Neck filled with hickeys, and bruises

As soon as I met your maneuvers

Like a vampire in the dark, huntin for new blood, for new blood

Huntin for new love, for new love

– dust by RIMON

In an email interview with The FADER, RIMON says “It’s a song showing the pain, rage and confusion that I’ve experienced when someone who I really loved, broke my heart.”

After dropping out of school at 17, she linked up with producer Samuel Kareem to focus on making music. Dropping track after track and pairing them with amazing videos filled with concepts that the artist holds dear to her heart, she tells stories about growth, facing your fears and easing her mother’s worries.

Gentle and ethereal looking, it’s hard to see her go from sweet and loving in “sugarcoated love” to vengeful and ruthless in “dust”. But at the same time, if you watch her music videos, the signs were always there.

In “sugarcoated love”, you see her lover caressing and smiling at her, a hazy red light filling the room as he gently holds a pomegranate in his hands while she sings “you carry my heart so gently.

In “dust”, the same lover is now in an orange room, squeezing the fruit until its red juice leaks down his fingers while she chants ”Hunting for new blood, for new blood/Hunting for new love, for new love.”


It’s tres dramatique but oh so exquisite to watch. 

Check out RIMON’s debut EP BBYGIRL FOCU$ on iTunes and Spotify.

Make sure to follow RIMON on Twitter for updates and Instagram for cool pics and behind the scene videos of her journey.


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