SXSW Spotlight: Amanda Palmer

via Twitter: @amandapalmer

Detaching herself from the corporate side of music, Amanda Palmer has been able to showcase her talent on the crowdfunding platform Patreon and so far…it’s working.

Palmer comes from a Bostonian duo known as The Dresden Dolls who gained much recognition for their theatrical performances. Splitting from the dark cabaret duo, Palmer embarked on a new project that has become somewhat of a trailblazing platform to share and create art. She started a community on Patreon, that is funded by her supporters with over 14,000 patrons. Depending on which tier is purchased by her fans, patrons can get exclusive access to her content and may even receive personal artistic gifts from hers truly.

With a singer-songwriter eclectic style, Palmer has been able to gain a fan base by simply being herself. She embraces what others may view as faults and is not afraid to challenge topics surrounding death and other taboo themes. She embodies a multitude of characters and her music stems from the passion she has for creating and sharing art.

With the help from her patrons, Palmer will release her third album There Will Be No Intermission, with an artbook to match, on March 8. Palmer is set to perform on March 14, 2019 at Central Presbyterian Church for SXSW before embarking on her world tour beginning March 21.

Amanda Palmer has only just begun in her fan funded journey and no label will hold her back for what she has in store for the world.


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