Dance Gavin Dance’s Artificial Selection Tour Has Chosen YOU To Be A Witness

Written by on April 1, 2019

The more jaded ones will groan in resentment when I say this, but Dance Gavin Dance is the greatest band that ever was. Kidding! Even they’d disagree, but you’ve seen the YouTube comments. You’ve noticed the T-shirts. This band is taking over, and Houston is next on their 2019 Artificial Selection Tour.


The boys will be in town on Sunday (praise be), April 7th with tickets starting at only $25. They will be accompanied by a stacked line-up of contemporaries including Don Bronco, Hail The Sun, Covet, and (yes!yes!yes!yesss!) Periphery.


The show will go down at Warehouse Live, so you already know to expect things to get heavy in the mosh pit. In other words, leave your slides at home kids. Doors open at 6:00pm, but expect a line of fans to cue up outside a few hours before. Never fear! Take the opportunity to go up there, give away some water bottles, and befriend some like-minded people before the show.

A moment with barrier | Photo by JT Cavey

Dance Gavin Dance is touring in support of their 2018 release Artificial Selection with bangers like Son of a Robot and Midnight Crusade.” Don’t worry, they have been mixing in plenty of older tracks into their sets, especially ones off fan darling Mothership.


Pour one out for Warped Tour this April by paying homage a worthy group of Vans veterans.

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