So What?: The Rock Festival Houston Needs

Written by on April 25, 2019

     Does anyone remember Open Air? That ill-fated rock festival with a chaotic inaugural year that didn’t even get a second chance due to Harvey? Well cry no more! White Oak Music Hall is going to come through for us with So What?, a two-day festival featuring our favorite rockers as well as some local talent taking place THIS WEEKEND.  


    This is just the sort of thing to keep your post-Warped withdrawal at bay with headliners like Beartooth, Of Mice & Men, Parkway Drive, and Killswitch Engage. In other words, get ready to mosh. But wait! There’s more! Here, let me bless you with the full lineup down below. You’re welcome.

Lineup | By White Oak Music Hall


It’s all set to go down over the weekend, so there’s no excuse not to go. Mark April 27th and 28th on your calendars and buy your tickets now.  


    Protip: Buy the 2 Day passes while you can. One, you save more money (duh). And two, they’re limited! You don’t want to be the chump that buys two separate tickets from scalpers at the last minute, do you?


    MEGA Protip: Find a local artist! They all have tickets to sell for cheaper than you’d have to pay at the actual venue. Be a dear, do yourself a favor, and support local artists while doing it. (Pssst, Imperial Affliction is a great place to start).


    You know the drill, get ready to have fun but be safe. Listen to your body; heatstroke is no joke. Dress light, pack light, don’t be stingy when it comes to water, etc. There’s no shame in watching a set from the back if you’re feeling out of breath or light-headed.


    Buy your tickets pronto, as you wouldn’t want to be fighting scalpers the day of. See you there!

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