Monsta X Coming to Houston This Summer!

Written by on May 7, 2019

K-Pop is inescapable!

With record-breaking and chart-topping acts like BTS (check out them winning the Billboard Music Award for Top Group here), it’s no wonder that the genre is going global. In order to catch a taste of the musical styling that is here to stay, you should try catching a show!

But first, for my newbies out there, let’s have a quick three-part introduction as to what to expect at a K-Pop concert.

Lesson number 1

The artists sing and dance… at the same time. While that might not sound revolutionary, you should keep in mind that we’re not talking about a cute little two-step and a clap here. Almost every song a group preform has an intricate choreography that is simultaneously presented with insane live vocals. It’s pretty impressive.

Lesson Number 2

At concerts, there are usually fans with specialized light sticks that coordinate with the show at hand. These are made by the corresponding entertainment company and are not necessary, but they look fun and provide those within the venue with a pretty epic visual.

Lesson number 3

There are specific fan chants. The artists put out fan chants guides on either their official websites or their dedicated fan websites so that their songs are a dynamic performance between both the artists and the audience. So if you hear everyone muttering something at the same time, I promise they’re not part of a cult—it’s to give you a chance to join the piece.

With all that being said, let’s get into Monsta X!

Monsta X – July 27th – Smart Financial Centre

This summer, Houston will be met with the 7 member group Monsta X. The group will be going on their WE ARE HERE tour following the release of their most recent album, Take 2. We Are Here, which was released this past February. With this new album came great tracks featuring the signature Monsta X sound, like Stealer and RodeoThe group is usually most recognizable by their strong electronic beats, their high-pitched vocalists that command your attention, and their aggressive and explosive rappers. If I only had one word to describe Monsta X, the word I would choose would be powerful. The energy that Monsta X brings everywhere they go and every time they step onto a stage is crazy. Check out the music video for their track “Alligator” below to see what I mean.

I also have to give a special shoutout to my favorite track on their album, which was written with the legendary EDM DJ and producer Steve Aoki. The fully-English song “Play It Cool“, is truly the perfect bop for the summer. It’s impossible not to dance along with it. If you don’t believe me then try it out for yourself and listen here. See if you can keep up with the boys!

Buy your Monsta X tickets here!

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