ACL Artist Spotlight: Robyn

Written by on August 14, 2019

Make way! Robyn, the true queen of pop, has come to take her throne at this year’s Austin City Limits!

Alright, alright, settle down, hold the tomatoes! I get it, this is an unpopular opinion, especially among you yankees. But hear me out! We stand on the shoulders of giants that came before us. Pop music is what is is today because of Robyn’s influence: Mandy Moore, Tegan and Sara, Billie Piper. And most notably of all, Britney Spears.

Robyn began her career at 16 as just another child pop act ready to be molded by the industry. Songs off her debut like “Show Me Love” drew global attention. This was followed by a slew of copy-cats from every label, each trying to get a cut of the market. After 2 more albums under her label’s regime, she decided to go against the grain.

Robyn fought her label for autonomy, eventually having to self-release Robyn (her 4th studio album) under her own label. But the gamble paid off, sending her catchy yet experimental tunes dashed with lyrics of substance high on the charts. 

A handful of innovative and successful albums later, and life took a turn for the worse. For eight years, the world didn’t hear from Robyn. 

But she’s back now, with her eighth studio album Honey.

After an 8 year absence (save for a short EP), the icon is back and better than ever. You have the opportunity to see a living legend perform before your very eyes as she headlines this year’s Austin City Limits. 

Although the Swedish singer will only be at ACL during Weekend 2, you can bet it’ll be worth the commitment. Not only will you get to dance to all her early R&B-infused hits, but to the dance and synth that followed. 

Though most ticket options are already sold out, keep an eye out for resale tickets through ACL’s Verified Ticket Exchange. So if you all are half as cultured as you’d like to think you are, I’ll see you at ACL for Robyn’s set. And if you’re not, I’ll still see you there… just singing along a millisecond too late.

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