ACL Artist Spotlight: Megan Thee Stallion (Artists in Key Minor)

Written by on September 30, 2019

Hello and welcome back! This is my segment called “Artists in Key Minor”, where I highlight minority artists with major talent and talk about why you should be adding them to your playlists. The next artist up is the one and only, Megan Thee Stallion.

Disclaimer- The following content/videos do contain explicit content and mature themes.

Her Image/ What She Represents

Megan and I say this with the utmost respect; is sex personified. The 24-year-old aquarius is a whole sexually liberated women and her material will tell you to what extent. She is telling you straight to your face and she’s domineering. Yes, she’s even arrogant about it. One could say she’s “Cocky AF” hehe. But seriously, Megan is a refreshing artist because she is so sure of who she is.

She looks good, and for Megan, this is not a question, that topic is not up for discussion. It is a statement, it is fact.

This is what immediately captivates people to her. There is such authenticity to her confidence and the way she speaks, and it’s because she’s so real that people listen to what she has to say. Just to get a taste of her material, check out the track “Big Ole Freak” below.


Then, as if her honesty wasn’t alluring enough, you realize that she’s not just expressing herself but also striving to share this confidence with each of her listeners. She actively tries to make each ‘hottie’ (the name for her friends/fans) feel good about themselves, their bodies, and about their sexual expression.

In a society where women are sexually repressed, she signifies the importance and increase of sexual liberty. Allowing for there to be countless ways to express oneself and each being valid. She promotes that it’s okay to feel comfortable and sensual in your own skin. She is our generation’s embodiment of female empowerment and does so in an easily digestible form through music and social media engagement. This is why Megan has garnered such a passionate fanbase.

Megan pushes that being a sexual being does not take away from your value in any other area. You can be sexy/hot and have other beautiful qualities like being a good friend, being a positive person, even being a scholar.

Speaking of being a scholar, Megan Thee Stallion is actually a full-time college student. (Yes, with all the shows she puts on and everything. I need her to hold a seminar on time management, but I digress). She is majoring in health administration over at our HBCU next-door-neighbor, Texas Southern University.

In countless interviews, the rap star has mentioned that although she wants to continue pursuing her musical career, she would love to open a medical facility. This would not just give back to her community, but also employ her hardworking colleagues. She also regularly makes references to her studies in her tracks, one of which being “Tina Montana,” where she goes on to say;

“My momma told me to get em, I got em. My granny told me ‘you going to school’ getting that degree and making it cool.”


When Megan isn’t being a positive figure in her community, she’s being a harmonious artist in the music industry for other women. She seems to not harbor any sort of hate for other female performers. Fans often create so much beef and mess between female rappers, always comparing one to the other. Whereas Megan sees the value of their individuality. She doesn’t pit them against each other because they’re each in their own lane. and she supports all of them. She’s made supportive relationships with artists like Lizzo (go coogs!), Kehlani, SZA, Nicki Minaj, Kash Doll, Asian Brat- I don’t think this list will be ending any time soon.


Her Skills

To quote the stunning Stallion from her track “Realer.” she states; “I’m a real rap b*tch, this ain’t no pop sh*t.” Megan is a RAPPER, okay. I don’t know how many times I have to say this so that everyone understands, a RAPPER. A whole bonified rapper. Let’s just go through her powerful freestyle skills….  Most of your favorites rappers could never…  just saying. 😗 As an example, watch the video for the 2017 release of the “Stalli Freestyle” that put her on so many people’s radars.


When mentioning her skills, it’s important to note that Megan is very cognizant that the music industry is a man’s world. This is one of the reasons she chose to pursue rap in the first place. From a young age, Megan decided she wanted to hear more women say all the things male rappers were spitting.

After being influenced by powerful artists like UGK, Member, Pimp C, and her mother Holly (rapper Holly-Wood), she got to work. Upon entering the music industry, however, she soon realized she had to be better than her male counterparts to reach the same level of success they were at.

That being said, I believe Megan shines through. Her work is polished, her work is deliberate, her work is powerful. There are two things that could never be taken away from Megan, and that’s her confidence and her talent.

Both qualities work together mutuallistically to bring her even higher. This can’t be said for all artists. Some let their confidence take over, and their work suffers. Megan, however, uses it as fuel to push her grind even harder. I think this will make it difficult for us to ever see a “peak” with Megan. She will just continue steadily rising.

Check out her freestyle for Charlie Sloth’s Fire in the Booth pt. 1 on Beats One. The first freestyle in this video was later turned into a track on her mixtape, now known as “Running Up Freestyle.”



H-Town Hottie

Houstonians know the hidden gem Houston is. Whether you’re from northside, southside, in the loop, or out of the loop, there is much pride to be had for this great city. From our food, to our communities, to our unique and diverse culture.

Megan shows off her city every chance she gets. There are several artists who we know are from H-Town, buy few rep it as much as Megan. A prime example is the music video for her track “WTF I want.” Her opening line is literally “First of all, I’m from Houston”. This comes after a shot of our iconic skyline. To get the visual, watch the video below.


Another example is when she made her debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live, performing a medley of her songs “Realer” and “Big Ole Freak.”This girl really came out in chaps, a cowboy hat, and a bedazzled Rockets jersey. Her background consisted of graphics of cowboy hats, a retro Houston Astros logo, stallions, and slabs. If that’s not the most Houstonian thing I’ve ever heard then I don’t know what is.

She’s truly well on her way to becoming a new Dirty South icon.


Newest Projects & Where to See Her Next

This past May. Megan Thee Stallion dropped Fever, her latest mixtape. Fever is a powerhouse mixtape with banger after banger. I loved every song from “Pimpin” to “Simon Says ft. Juicy J” all the way to “Cash Sh*t ft. DaBaby” and “Money Good.”While I would personally love for Megan to pull a whole Beyoncé and bless us with a visual for everything, I will take whatever I can get. The first music video she dropped off of Fever was “Realer.” Watch it below.


Fever is a great mixtape that, with its strategic release, set the tone for the rest of the summer. During this same era, we also got the birth of the term “Hot Girl Summer.” Now, it’s important to note that Megan was already using the name “Hot Girl” as short for one of her alter egos, “Hot Girl Meg.” She describes Hot Girl Meg as the fun-loving college girl who’s always ready to turn up. But “Hot Girl Summer” was a more universal way of spreading the energy to everyone who wanted to embrace the Hot Girl lifestyle. If you’re wondering what the Hot Girl lifestyle is,  watch Megan explain it below.


As a response to the overwhelming support for the Hot Girl Summer movement, Megan dropped a track titled “Hot Girl Summer” with Ty Dollar Sign and Nicki Minaj. There’s even a music video set to be released soon.

If you haven’t figured it out yet from everything I’ve shared with you, let me tell you that Megan is a dynamic performer. I’ve had the fortune already having seen her perform. Check out my article here if you want to see pictures I took! It’s truly a pleasure,and I highly recommend everyone seeing her anytime she’s in a spot near you.

Her energy is fiery and contagious. Her stage presence commands your attention/ And her performances will leave you in awe!

Megan only continues to grow better every time. It’s insane to see how far she’s come and how much she’s still got left in the tank. You will definitely not want to miss seeing her live!

If you’re in the Houston area then you’re in luck!

She is doing a performance on September 6th at the Revention Music Center with fellow artists Doja Cat & Christian Paul. Buy your tickets here! (They won’t last long!)  

If for whatever reason you can’t make it then don’t worry.

She’s also starring as a guest on Meek Mill & Future’s September 29th concert alongside YG & Mustard. Buy your tickets here!!

& lastly, if Houston doesn’t work out but you happen to be in Austin in October.

Then make sure to catch her at the Austin City Limits Festival (Weekend Two) from October 11th-October 13th. Buy your tickets here!!!


Here’s a playlist for your listening pleasure. Enjoy!

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Riding the Airwaves

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