Day n Vegas Spotlight: Cuco -The Chicano Superstar Cuco

Written by on September 30, 2019

If you’re a hopeless romantic, a “sadboy” or “sadgirl”, or enjoy great music then you have arrived on the right page to learn about the ultimate Chicano “sadboy”, Cuco! Cuco is a 21-year-old singer residing from California, and you can hear it in the music. He brings originality and creativity to his sound, but also represents his culture proudly. For the newbies to Cuco music, I will provide you with a starter kit, so you can fit right in at the show.

The first album you should play is Wannabewithu which features “sadboy” anthems like “Lover Is a Day“, “Amor de Siempre“, and even provided us with his version of Lil Yachty’s hit song “1Night“. Cuco paints a picture of what it’s like to be in love during your youth. He showcases a kind of vulnerability that helps people get through some of those tough patches in life which makes it easy to resonate with. Cuco’s production choices on his albums present his creativity, but also keeps you interested.

The next project you should play is Songs4u which is my personal favorite, featured tracks like “One and Only“, “Lava Lamp“, and ‘Winter Ballad“. The Songs4u production and sound is so calm and relaxing it’s recommended to listen while laying down with your eyes closed so you can sink into the lyrics. The album showcases the roller coaster of dealing with love and the heartbreak especially in the track “We Had to End It“.

Cuco isn’t all sadboy though. Some of his happier tracks will put you in an animated mood like “Summer Time High Time“, “CR-V“,’Drown“, and “Bossa No Sé“. Cuco also incorporates Spanish in some his tracks like with “Lo Que Siento” which is a love song about his crush who can’t stop daydreaming about. Lastly, before you purchase your ticket to Day n Vegas make sure you support Cuco latest album Para Mi!

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