ACL Day 3: Cardi B

Written by on October 10, 2019

Rap sensation Cardi B almost leaves fans high and dry at her ACL headlining set. 


Scheduled to perform at the Miller Lite Stage at 8 o’clock sharp, the crowd starts to disperse at 8:23 as people realize Cardi isn’t coming out. Some shrug, beginning the trek over to Mumford and Sons. Some stay in place, forever hopeful. Others still begin to get angry. 


The debacle is reminiscent of what has become a trend with Cardi. She misses the mark on fashionably late, tending to anger her fans rather than build anticipation. 


Lizzo did a stupendous job at collecting a crowd at the neighboring stage. The largest I’d ever seen, in fact.  But by the time Cardi finally hit the stage at halfway through her allotted time, a lot of the crowd had dispersed. As a matter of fact, it might have been the smallest headliner of the festival. 


At long last, she appeared. People half-way to Mumford and Sons turned back to their first choice. Others out of ear shot wouldn’t know Cardi had performed until long after they left the festival grounds. Her fans welcomed her warmly, instantly forgiving her late arrival. The setlist felt a bit rushed as she made sure to play the hits, taking time to banter in between songs.

Cardi B and her back-up dancers kept all eyes on them during hit single “Money,” featured in blockbuster “Hustlers” starring Jennifer Lopez. 


“This next one is for all you ladies working 9 to 5s,” says Cardi as she teases the next song. “All you ladies in school… all you ladies that like to suck d**k! Let’s go!” And with that, she launched into “Girls Like You’ The rendition was quick and a little rushed, only featuring Cardi’s verse and the minimal of Adam Levine’s played over a speaker.


Although Cardi B is a noteworthy rapper and intriguing personality, fans’ patience can only extend so far. And seeing as she was only to headline Weekend One, there’s really no room for redemption within a ‘next time.’ Regardless, the fans that did stick around sag her high praises. And at the end of the day, isn’t that all that matters. 


Taking Cardi B’s headlining slot during Weekend 2 is European pop sensation Robyn. Don’t miss out, buy your tickets here! 

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