Artist Spotlight: Steve Lacy

Written by on October 7, 2019

Steve Lacy, Compton born singer-songwriter, got his start as the guitarist for Grammy Nominated group, The Internet. Having learned how to produce and make beats on just his iPhone, he made his official debut with 8 individual tracks on The Internet’s Ego Death. After getting his bearings, Lacey bagan to foray into the music world by producing for The Internet members Syd and Matt Martians on their solo projects. Braching outside of The Internet, Steve has also worked with Twenty88, Mac Miller, Kali Uchis, and most recently, Vampire Weekend. In 2017, Lacey released his first EP titled “Steve Lacy’s Demo”, recording and producing most ot the project on his iPhone. This EP contains one of my personal favorite songs titled “Dark Red”. There’s just something about the casual funk he is able to create with his sounds. Along with Steve’s interest in music, he is also making his mark as a Fashion King. Lacy has worked with Gucci and Louis Vuitton on multiple occasions, and you will find many of his Instagram posts featuring an outfit he is most definitely proud of.


After The Internet finished their round of solo releases, they came back together for the next album, Hive Mind, with both album and tour being heavily loved worldwide. In May of this year, to coincide with Gemini season, Steve had his solo studio album debut with Apollo XXI. With this album. Lacy was able to enter with the foundation of his usual funk and R&B style, and also explore into other styles and influences. We are also met with Lacy discussing his his struggle with expressing his sexuality on “Like Me” featuring Daisy. To back the release of the album, Steve Lacy will be going on the mostly sold out “Apollo” tour this fall. You can catch him in Houston at the House of Blues on October 13th. Be sure to stream his music here on Spotify, Apple Music, or Soundcloud!


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