Written by on October 7, 2019

You look like the kind of girl that really enjoys Dorritos.” 

And YOU, fellow Coog, look like the kind of girl that really enjoys a good comedy show. So how about you come on down to our very own Cullen Performance Hall on October 12th to see Eric Andre? 

Eric Andre started his career the way most do in Tinsel Town, through commercials. But the true honing of his skills came from his odd stand-up gigs. Eventually, he made a pilot for passion project “The Eric Andre Show” out of pocket in 2009, taking time to learn Final Cut in order to properly execute the flop-comedy fiasco he envisioned. 

The pilot was shipped off to a plethora of networks until Adult Swim finally took the bait. 

“The Eric Andre Show” was odd and controversial, blending an interesting form of comedy with a feel akin to a production gone haywire. 

The show took off, gaining a steady following with each passing year, giving him the ability to expand into television and film projects both as talent and a writer. 

And now, mirroring famous horror movie scenes, Eric Andre will be crawling out of the television screen and into true flesh-and-blood form on a cross-country tour. So far, it has been met with stellar reviews from fans and critics alike. The naysayers will rant about how Andre’s best work is owed to edited material, certain his style of comedy would flop in stand-up. But they forget his roots.

The two-hour performance features a zany and nihilistic brand of off-beat comedy with stories and antics that blend the humor seen in his show with more traditional stand-up perfectly. And that’s not even counting the talented cast of opening acts he’s bringing along! 

If you haven’t bought your tickets yet, hurry! It’s time to deliver a pizza ball, and H-Town is hungry. With the cheapest seats right under $40, and there’s no uber needed as it’s all going down right here on campus. Feeling lucky? Coog Radio has tickets to donate to your poverty-stricken student cause. Click here to find out how. Don’t worry, Eric himself retweeted us, so we’re E.C. approved 😉



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