Written by on October 7, 2019

Punk isn’t dead! FIDLAR confirms it on Day 1 of Austin City Limits.


Hailing from sunny L.A., the punk rock quartet met their match in the Austin heat. Their performance time was set for 1:30, the hottest part of the day. But that didn’t deter fans from braving the sun for their favorite band. 


The show kicked off with 2018 single “Alcohol,” instantly throwing the crowd from their super into leaps in tune with the music. 


The American Express stage was situated next to two bars with VIP sections. This, combined with the fact that a lot of the crowd was waiting for THE RACONTEURS, meant the youth were outnumbered by people in their thirties. 


But by “No Waves,” conversations were discontinued as non-fans turned to take in the younger band. In between songs, they could be heard saying how much it reminded them of greater bands of years past. 


As FIDLAR won over new folks, old fans were busy having the time of their lives closer to barricade. As expected, a festival as diverse as ACL wasn’t conducive to the type of environment where a legit mosh pit were to break out. But the band wanted a taste of chaos, and demanded their audience deliver. 

During “40oz. On Repeat,” lead singer Zac Carper called for a mosh, but with a twist; he wanted it to be female only. Front and center, the ladies delivered. Every time a young man tried to get in, he’d be pushed out. It was clear that not everyone was an experienced mosher, but the fact that everyone seemed to be having the time of their lives was all that mattered. 


The band closed their set with words of thanks and by introducing their finale with “This song is about drinking beer!” 


Cheap Beer,” the band’s current favorite closer, sounds like it was born out of a garage stocked with skateboards and PBR. FIDLAR is a force to be reckoned with. At this rate, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them headlining in later years. 


If you didn’t catch the boys this time around, buy your Weekend 2 tickets today!

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