Eric Andre’s ‘Legalize Everything’ Tour Leaves Houston In Tears

Written by on October 15, 2019

“You have some school shooter vibes. Yeah, y’all are all the same, acne and glasses and s**t. And I ain’t Afraid of you!” 


Right from the start, comedian Eric Andre makes it clear to Cullen Performance Hall that he isn’t afraid to bring his brand of humor to a Texas audience. Right out the gates, he attacks Donald Trump, school shooters, and the South as a whole with a  barrage of offensive humor. Hmm. Talk about diving into the deep end. 


The audience gasp-laughs at first, looking over one another to make sure it was okay to laugh. The show was a mix of Andre’s usual antics of hopping around breaking things, random humor, and stories from his eclectic past. 


As suggested by the tour’s name, a lot of the humor was derived from drugs and their place in today’s culture. This was achieved through humorous social commentary and stories of Andre’s own drug-fueled rampages. 


There was also plenty of impromptu audience interaction. The self-proclaimed cashew (Catholic and Jewish) playfully called people out for failing to inconspicuously record him of their cellphones. He also poked fun at random things he caught the audience members doing, at one point leaping off the stage to block the exit of three young ladies on their way to the bathroom. “No one goes to the bathroom in packs of three!” He yelled. “Either there is some freaky s**t going on here, or you all have major diarrhea!”


Near the end of the show, Eric Andre called for cell phones to be brought to him, so he could prank some of the audience’s mothers. The response was immediate, with one person on the right of the crowd tossing their phone on stage before the sentence even finished. 


Two mothers reacted wonderfully, going as far as exchanging pictures and taking video calls. 


To conclude the show, Andre called for volunteers for the Ranch Challenge. Instantly, hardcore fans raided the stage for a chance to prove themselves. The two usual contestants were chosen, with the surprise addition of a third young man who had brought his own bottle of ranch. The contestants were called to start, and the music had barely even begun by the time one man crush-rolled the whole bottle down his throat, throwing his hands up in victory. Surprisingly, the other two completed only seconds after. 


House lights came on to signal the end of the night after the victor walked off with his prize. But of course, things didn’t end there. 


As an encore, Andre walked back with his pants and boxers around his ankles to say good-bye properly, thanking all for coming to the show. He then waddled off stage to the deafening sound of Houston’s cheers.  


Eric Andre is a daring comedian who continues to innovate his craft, making people of all ages laugh with his R-rated humor. If you missed his stop in H-Town, sit tight! He has a movie called ‘Bad Trip‘ coming out soon with Tiffany Haddish and Lil Rel Howery. Stay tuned! 

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